Open Mike Night at Burbank Barnes & Noble

Hosted By: Andrew Mealey

Last Friday of Every Month at 8PM (except December)






Join us as we enjoy the creativity of others, enlarging our vision of life and finding new friends.    You are welcome to share your thoughts or listen, no matter the level of your expertise or your experience.  Sometimes poetry mirrors heartache, sometimes hope.  We can encourage each other to a more interesting and satisfying life.

          All presenters must come before the readings start at 8PM and sign their name into one of the 14 available spaces on the Presenter Sign-Up Sheet.  Maximum of 8 minutes/presenter.

          Because of the possibility of young children being present, Barnes & Noble requires that we not use profanity or nasty language, promote illegal drugs or illegal acts, or read explicit erotic poetry. ☺  All forms of poetry and opinion are welcome and encouraged (except the bashing of someone else’s belief).  The host reserves the right to enforce the time and appropriateness limitations on any presenter.  We are thankful to Barnes & Noble for the opportunity to meet in their store.

          Individual Poets/Songwriters may display and briefly plug their booklets, books, tapes, or CD’s and sell them after the end of readings.  Please respect the copyrights of all the presenters.  Some of our presenters would be interested in writing songs and poetry for commercial purposes.  If you are in the entertainment business, feel free to approach our authors after the reading.

          Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom of this page.


                                                                                                A.M. 11/2006